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Ulf Sandström is currently affiliated as professor in Science and Technology Studies at KTH ( Royal Inst of Technology) in Stockholm, Department for INDEK and the group for Industrial Dynamics.

Gender & Nepotism database: Data used in the article Persistent Nepotism in Peer
Review by Sandstrom & Hällsten (Scientometrics 2008)

Macro classes (key). In this document you find the classification of micro classes (ISI subject categories) into macroclasses. Save as txt-document and open in Excel (tab delimited).

Research Interests

Mainly my research is focussed on research policy issues; funding of research from the lab perspective; interdisciplinarity, gender issues in science and during many years I have used bibliometrics as a method for the academic study of these issues.


Under "Studier" you can find my papers of which some are in English.


My blog is an important way for dissemination of small studies on research policy. Too seldom there are abstracts in English to the postings.